Calvary United Methodist Church of West Decatur

Prayer Chain January 2021

Pastor Brian McTavish





Lumadue-Barb and Larry                                                                     

Shaw—Karen and Roy                                                                          

Eleanor Shaw                                                                                           

Dotts—Lynne and Scott                                                                                     

Liz Evans                                                                                                    

Bennet—Kim and Bryan

Caram—Sue and Larry    

Carol Foster




Johns—Wendy and Larry                                                                                   

Litz—Georgia and John                                                                          

Minarchick—Denise and Greg                                                             



BaumgardnerJendi and Todd                                                           

Bush—Tonya and Terry



Thank you for being a part of the Calvary Prayer Chain. We have two groups. If you are notified and are initiating the prayer chain call the family that is next on the list after your name and the first person on the other list and also Pastor Sarah. If you are not initiating the prayer chain and receive a call from the person above you on the chain just call the next person on your list. If you are last on the list please call the first person on your list. May God Bless all of us. Thank you again for offering to lift up the names of Gods people in prayer as needed.